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Otter AI Review: Is it Best Meeting Assistant? is a revolutionary application that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to simplify note-taking through advanced transcription services.

Imagine effortlessly converting live conversations, videos, and meetings into detailed written transcripts with just a few clicks.

Is the future of meetings? Can it truly enhance your business by providing real-time transcription services? In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the app’s features to help you determine whether it’s a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Our exploration will uncover the game-changing capabilities of in the transcription world, offering insights for podcast hosts, content creators, coaches, and course creators.

Whether you’re looking to transcribe audio efficiently or seeking an AI-powered assistant, might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Otter AI Review (Snapshot) is an artificial intelligence-powered transcription software designed to convert live or recorded speeches into written text. It stands out for its real-time transcription capabilities, note creation, and productivity enhancements.

πŸš€Key Features of Otter AI:

  1. Real-time Transcription:
    • Excels in providing instant transcription during live interactions.
    • Allows users to witness the transcription unfolding live.
  2. Meeting Recording:
    • Permits users to record meetings for later review and reference.
    • Preserves the original recording independently of the transcript.
  3. Meeting Gems:
    • Enhances organization by adding action items, comments, and notes directly within the transcription document.
    • Facilitates identification and prioritization of key points.
  4. Custom Vocabulary:
    • Allows users to customize the vocabulary to improve accuracy, especially for industry-specific terms or acronyms.
  5. Speaker Identification:
    • Employs advanced speaker identification technology to automatically recognize and label different speakers.
  6. Searchable Transcripts:
    • Enables users to search through transcriptions for specific words or phrases, saving time and providing quick access to information.
  7. Integration:
    • Seamlessly integrates with popular calendars (Google, Microsoft) and video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams).
    • Offers a mobile app and Chrome extension for enhanced accessibility.

$ Pricing Plans:

  • Free: 300 mins, 30-min limit, real-time.
  • Pro ($16.99/mo): 1,200 mins, 90-min limit, advanced features.
  • Business ($30/mo): 6,000 mins, 4-hour limit, team tools, priority support.
  • Enterprise (Custom): Custom pricing, advanced features, dedicated support.
Pros of Otter AICons of Otter AI
βœ… Automated Meeting Notes❌ Limited Free Version
βœ… Searchable Archive❌ Occasional Errors
βœ… Sharing and Collaboration❌ Internet Requirement
βœ… Integration with Common Tools❌ Recording Time Limit
βœ… Multi-Platform Support❌ Language Support
βœ… Free Version Available❌ Feature Accessibility
βœ… Custom Vocabulary❌ No Video Recording
βœ… Mobile Support❌ Support Limitations
βœ… Affordable Pricing

What is Otter AI?

 Otter AI Review: otter AI interface stands as an artificial intelligence transcription software that has garnered acclaim through years of practical use. This tool goes beyond conventional transcription by offering live transcriptions, note creation, and improved productivity. It’s not just a transcription tool; it’s your virtual assistant in the world of data collection.

Unlike traditional methods that require fast writing, assistance from others, or costly transcription services, shifts the paradigm with its AI-driven approach. Now, you can effortlessly transform voice conversations into organized text, eliminating the need for tedious manual transcription.

How Otter AI Works employs automatic speech recognition, a marvel of Artificial Intelligence, to convert live or recorded speeches into written text. This technology, central to’s functionality, addresses the time-consuming and expensive nature of manual transcription. The platform thrives on creating efficient and inclusive work environments, allowing for accurate meeting records, asynchronous collaboration, and improved participation for those with hearing impairments.

Our review will dissect how this innovative tool achieves these feats and address any questions you might have about its features, performance, and suitability for your needs.

Features of Otter AI offers a range of key features designed to enhance transcription, collaboration, and productivity:

Transcription and Recording

1. Real-time Transcription:

  • Otter AI excels in providing real-time transcription, instantly converting spoken words into text as they occur.
  • Users can witness the transcription unfolding live, eliminating the need to wait for post-meeting transcriptions.

2. Meeting Recording:

 Otter AI Review: recording interface
  • Otter AI allows users to record meetings, capturing audio content for later review and reference.
  • Users can initiate recording with the click of a button, and the tool ensures that the audio file remains independent of the transcript, preserving the original recording.
  • The recordings can be played back at different speeds, ranging from 0.5x to 3x, offering flexibility in reviewing meeting content.
  • While the audio quality is satisfactory for understanding the conversation, Otter AI may not provide high-quality audio recordings.

Insights and Organization

3. Meeting Gems:

 Otter AI Review: meeting gems
  • Meeting Gems is a feature that allows users to enhance the organization of their transcriptions.
  • Users can add and assign action items, comments, and notes directly within the transcription document during or after meetings.
  • This feature facilitates the identification and prioritization of key points, making it easier to navigate and extract valuable insights from the transcript.

4. Custom Vocabulary:

  • Otter AI offers a Custom Vocabulary feature, particularly beneficial for users on premium plans.
  • Users can customize the vocabulary to improve accuracy, especially when dealing with industry-specific terms, jargon, acronyms, or unique spellings.
  • This customization ensures that the transcription reflects the user’s specific language and terminology, enhancing the overall quality and relevance of the transcript.

5. Speaker Identification:

 Otter AI Review: speaker identification
  • Otter AI employs advanced speaker identification technology, automatically recognizing and labeling different speakers in a conversation.
  • This feature plays a crucial role in transcribing group discussions or meetings with multiple participants, clarifying who said what.
  • The accuracy and efficiency of speaker identification contribute to an organized and context-rich transcription experience.

6. Searchable Transcripts:

  • Otter AI’s Searchable Transcripts feature allows users to search through their transcriptions for specific words or phrases.
  • This functionality eliminates the need to go through the entire recording or transcript manually, saving time and providing quick access to relevant information.
  • Users can efficiently locate and reference specific parts of conversations, enhancing the overall utility of the transcription service.

Integration and Workflow

Integration of Otter AI
  • Otter AI seamlessly integrates with popular calendars such as Google and Microsoft, enhancing its usability within existing workflows.
  • Users can connect their calendars to Otter AI, allowing automatic syncing of events and providing quick access to scheduled meetings directly from the Otter dashboard.
  • The integration extends to video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, enabling real-time transcription and recording during virtual meetings.
  • This integration streamlines the workflow, ensuring that Otter AI becomes an integral part of the user’s productivity toolkit.

8. Otter Mobile App + Chrome Extension:

Otter AI App
  • Otter AI extends its accessibility through dedicated mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Additionally, Otter AI offers a Chrome extension, adding functionality across the web. For example, the extension integrates with Google Calendar events, enhancing the user experience by allowing the addition of Otter meeting notes directly from the calendar.
  • The mobile app and Chrome extension contribute to the versatility of Otter AI, ensuring users can engage with the transcription service across various devices and platforms.

Pros and Cons of Otter AI

Pros of Otter AI:

  • Automated Meeting Notes: Saves time by providing automated transcriptions of meetings, interviews, and lectures.
  • Searchable Archive: Enhances productivity with a searchable archive of transcriptions, making it easy to find specific information.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: Facilitates easy sharing and collaboration on transcriptions, allowing team members to add comments, highlights, or edits.
  • Integration with Common Tools: Integrates seamlessly with popular calendars and video conferencing tools, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Supports all major platforms, making it accessible across various devices and operating systems.
  • Free Version Available: Offers a free version, making it accessible for individual users with basic transcription needs.
  • Custom Vocabulary: Allows users to teach Otter AI custom words and names, improving transcription accuracy and relevance.
  • Mobile Support: The mobile app provides the flexibility to transcribe conversations on the go, enhancing accessibility.

Cons of Otter AI:

  • Occasional Errors: May struggle with complex jargon, technical terms, proper nouns, or strong accents, leading to occasional transcription errors.
  • Recording Time Limit: Transcription limits per conversation, even in paid plans, may pose challenges for longer meetings.
  • Language Support: Currently supports only US and UK English, limiting its accessibility for users requiring transcription in other languages.
  • Feature Accessibility: Some features may be challenging to find on the Otter AI website, potentially affecting user experience.
  • No Video Recording: The absence of video recording may limit the scope of Otter AI for users seeking comprehensive audio-visual transcription.
  • Support Limitations: Lack of live chat support may impact immediate issue resolution, although comprehensive documentation is available.

Otter AI accuracy

Real-time Transcription Strength:

  • excels in providing real-time transcription during meetings, making it a valuable tool for various scenarios.
  • In comparison to other transcription services, Otter demonstrated higher accuracy in word choice but had challenges with punctuation.

Ideal vs. Worst Case Scenarios:

  • In an ideal scenario (quiet room, clear pronunciation), the error rate was reduced to 14%.
  • In a worst-case scenario (background noise, unclear enunciation), the error rate was approximately 20%.

Improvement Measures:

  • Users can enhance accuracy by speaking clearly, reducing background noise, and building a custom vocabulary.
  • Custom vocabulary, however, may not always eliminate errors, especially with new words.

Meeting Environment Impact:

  • Otter’s accuracy is influenced by the environment, with larger spaces and more background noise posing challenges.
  • Using external devices like Bluetooth mics or Apple AirPods can improve audio quality but may not eliminate all challenges.

Accuracy Range:

  • Studies online suggest Otter’s accuracy ranges from 75% to 90%, showcasing a robust performance.

Considerations for Best Accuracy:

  • Factors such as room acoustics, background noise reduction, and speaking speed can impact accuracy.
  • While’s accuracy is high, it’s not 100%, as is expected with AI transcription services. offers a reliable and accurate transcription service, particularly in real-time scenarios. Its accuracy, while not perfect, is competitive in the market, and users can take measures to optimize the transcription quality based on the environment and speaking conditions

Pricing of Otter AI

 Otter AI Review: Pricing of Otter AI

1. Basic Plan (Free):

  • Monthly Minutes: 300
  • Conversation Limit: 30 minutes per session
  • Import and transcribe up to three audio or video files
  • Real-time transcription of meetings
  • Otter Assistant integration with Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams
  • Access to takeaways and summaries

2. Pro Plan ($16.99/month):

  • Includes all Basic features
  • Monthly Minutes: 1,200
  • Conversation Limit: 90 minutes per session
  • Import and transcribe up to ten audio or video files
  • Otter Assistant can join meetings when you’re double-booked
  • Advanced search, export, and playback features

3. Business Plan ($35/month):

  • Includes all Pro features
  • Monthly Minutes: 6,000
  • Conversation Limit: 4 hours per session
  • Unlimited import and transcription of audio or video files
  • Otter Assistant can join meetings when you’re triple-booked
  • Team collaboration tools, usage analytics, centralized billing, and more admin features
  • Priority support

4. Enterprise Plan (Custom):

  • Suitable for large organizations
  • Custom pricing
  • Includes all Business features
  • Additional advanced features like Single Sign-On (SSO), organization-wide deployment, domain capture, and advanced security and compliance controls
  • Dedicated account manager and customer success team
  • Priority phone and email support

Billing Options:

  • Annual billing options are available, providing cost savings. Annual prices for Pro and Business plans are $8.33/month and $20/month, respectively.

Free Trial:

  • Users can enjoy a 7-day free trial of the Business plan to explore its features.


Fireflies Ai interface
  • Strengths: Integration capabilities with major video conferencing and calendar apps. Flexible connectivity with over 2000 apps through Zapier.
  • Considerations: Some users report lower transcription accuracy compared to Otter AI.


Vowel interface
  • Strengths: Comprehensive meeting tool with video conferencing, collaboration, and transcription.More extensive features, making it a one-stop solution.
  • Considerations: Higher pricing compared to Otter AI.


Aigram interface
  • Strengths: Real-time and post-meeting transcription services.Unique capability to transcribe phone calls.
  • Considerations: Relatively new, so feature set might not be as robust as established players.

Final Verdict

Otter AI seems to be generally positive, emphasizing its strengths as a real-time transcription service with speaker identification and searchable transcripts. Users find it particularly useful for various applications, including journalism, education, and business meetings. The platform’s ease of use and additional features for collaboration are also highlighted.

However, some reviews note potential drawbacks, such as occasional inaccuracies in transcriptions and a desire for more focused functionality.

Some users feel that Otter AI tries to do too many things, potentially diverting attention from its core transcription capabilities.

In conclusion, Otter AI appears to be a valuable tool, especially for those looking for a user-friendly and efficient transcription service.

It may not be perfect in terms of absolute accuracy or if you require specific functionalities like video recording, but it offers a rapid and affordable solution for transcription needs.

It’s recommended for its convenience, accessibility, and collaborative features, making it a versatile choice for individuals and teams alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is any good?

Yes, is considered a good transcription tool, especially for real-time transcriptions during meetings. It is praised for its ease of use and functionality.

Is safe to use?

Yes, is generally considered safe to use. It follows security practices to protect user data, and its features comply with privacy standards.

Can I use for free?

Yes, offers a free plan with limited features, including 300 minutes of transcription per month. Additional features are available in paid plans.

Is good for transcription?

Yes, is known for its transcription capabilities, offering real-time transcriptions, speaker identification, and searchable transcripts.

Can you use for YouTube?

While is primarily designed for transcribing meetings, interviews, and lectures, you can potentially use it to transcribe content for YouTube if it’s in audio or video format.

Can I use on my phone?

Yes, has a mobile app, making it accessible on both Android and iOS devices.

Does record calls? does not have a built-in call recording feature. It focuses on transcribing audio from meetings and similar interactions.

Does work offline?’s offline functionality is limited. While you can view existing transcripts offline, the app requires an internet connection for real-time transcription.

Can I use to transcribe video?

Yes, supports the transcribing of both audio and video files. You can import pre-recorded audio or video files for transcription.

Does have a time limit?’s free plan has limitations, including a cap on the number of minutes for transcription. Paid plans offer higher limits and additional features.

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