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9 Best AI Resume Builders to Land Your Dream Job

In the dynamic landscape of today’s job market, where efficiency and effectiveness reign supreme, AI tools have emerged as invaluable assets.

These tools not only enhance productivity but also contribute to cost savings and time optimization. Particularly in the realm of job hunting, crafting a compelling resume stands as a pivotal step toward securing coveted opportunities.

The process of tailoring a resume to specific job requirements, however, poses a significant challenge. It demands time, precision, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving job market.

Fortunately, the digital era, especially in 2024, has ushered in a new era of resume creation with the advent of AI-powered resume builders.

Best AI Resume Builders(Snapshot)

Resume BuilderKey FeaturesPricingOverall Rating
πŸ₯‡ZetyGuided Resume Creation, Customization Options, AI Text Suggestions, Resume Scoring, Download OptionsFree Tier, Premium Subscription (Starting at $2.99)4.4/5
πŸ₯ˆNovoresumeATS Optimization, User-Friendly Interface, Modern Design, Content Analyzer, Customization OptionsFree Tier, Premium Plans (Starting at $19.99)
πŸ₯‰KickresumeGPT-4 Powered Resume Generation, Credits System, Cover Letter Generator, Variety of Templates, AI CheckerFree Tier, Premium Subscription (Starting at $7.00)4.2/5
MyPerfectResumeContent Suggestions, Resume Scanner, Customizable Templates, Keyword Suggestions, Spell Check, Cover LetterFree Trial, Full-Access Plan (Starting at $2.95)4.2/5
ReziAI Bullet Point Writer, AI Summary Generator, AI Keyword TargetingFree Tier, Premium Subscription (Starting at $29)4.1/5
EnhancvAI-Driven Analysis, Tailoring Feature, Customizable Templates, Content Analyzer, Interview TipsFree Trial, Premium Plans (Starting at $19.99)4.0/5
Jasper Resume GeneratorUser-Friendly Interface, Modern Templates, Content Suggestions, Real-Time Previews, Multiple FormatsMonthly Subscription (Starting from $39)3.9/5
Resumaker.aiAI-Powered Building, Template Variety, Cover Letter Support, User-Friendly InterfaceFree Tier, Paid Plans (Starting at $0.99)3.9/5
ResumeGeniusAI-Generated Content, Templates, Download Options, Sample Resumes, Career Resources14-Day Trial, Subscription Plans (Starting at $7.95)3.9/5

The Challenges of Resume Writing

In the modern job market, employers do read resumes, but the preference is for brevity and clarity. Crafting a concise yet comprehensive resume that covers all essential aspects becomes imperative. The need to make a resume that distinguishes you from other applicants is undeniable.

However, the difficulty lies not only in the content but also in the pressure to create a standout document. This is where AI technology becomes a valuable ally.

AI resume builders are designed to alleviate the challenges associated with resume writing. They serve as virtual assistants, utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms to guide users in building professional resumes with ease.

Resume creation is no longer a solitary and intimidating task. With the aid of AI, you can navigate the intricacies of constructing a resume that not only mirrors your professional journey but also stands out amidst the competition.

The following sections will delve into the impact of AI on resume building, explore the best AI resume builders, and guide you through the process of choosing the one that aligns with your unique needs.

Best AI Resume Builders

1. Zety

Best AI Resume Builders : Zety interface

Zety stands out as an excellent online resume builder renowned for its state-of-the-art templates, user-friendly interface, and AI-powered features.

Designed to cater to individuals at various career stages, Zety simplifies the resume creation process, offering a seamless experience with expert guidance.

Key Features of Zety :

1. Guided Resume Creation:

  • Zety’s interface guides users through each step of the resume-building process, providing tips and prompts to assist in content creation.
  • The platform ensures that users receive expert help at crucial moments, making the resume creation process more accessible.

2. Variety of Customization Options:

  • Zety offers a selection of 18 fully customizable templates, allowing users to create resumes tailored to their needs.
  • Users can personalize their resumes with various customization options, including font styles, colors, and design formats.

3. AI-Powered Text Suggestions:

  • The AI-powered text suggestions feature analyzes users’ resume content in real-time, offering suggestions for improvements.
  • This feature enhances the efficiency of the resume-building process by providing valuable insights and error checks.

4. Resume Scoring and Improvement Tips:

  • Zety includes a resume builder scoring feature, providing users with a score and detailed tips for improving their resumes.
  • The platform focuses on optimizing resumes for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and ensures they align with hiring managers’ expectations.

5. Download Options and Format Variety:

  • Users can download their resumes for free in a plain text (.txt) format by selecting the “Download” option.
  • Zety offers additional file formats for a fee ($2.70), providing flexibility in choosing the most suitable format for job applications.


Free Tier:

  • Zety offers a free tier with basic features, allowing users to explore the platform and create resumes.
  • Users can download their resumes for free in plain text (.txt) format.

Premium Subscription:

  • Zety’s Premium subscription is priced at $2.99 for a two-week access period.
  • Premium users have access to enhanced features, including additional file formats, unlimited printing, and downloading.

Pros and Cons of Zety:

Pros of ZetyCons of Zety
βœ… Guided Resume Creation: Zety guides users through each step, offering tips and prompts for an expert resume-building experience❌ Limited Free Download Format: The free download is limited to a plain text (.txt) format; alternative formats require a $2.70 fee
βœ… Variety of Customization Options: The platform provides numerous customization options to create unique and visually appealing resumes❌ Template Compatibility with ATS: Some templates may interfere with ATS, impacting their effectiveness in certain cases
βœ… AI-Powered Text Suggestions: Zety’s AI analyzes content in real-time, offering suggestions and error checks for an optimized resume

2. Novoresume

Best AI Resume Builders : Novoresume website interface

Novoresume is a popular AI-driven resume builder that caters to users seeking a quick, modern, and professional resume, particularly in creative industries.

The platform features a drag-and-drop editor for easy customization and a “Content Analyzer” tool to provide insights into content, formatting, and design.

Key Features of Novoresume:

1. ATS Optimization:

  • Ensures resumes are optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) by checking for relevant keywords and following strict ATS guidelines.

2. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor guides users through the resume-building process, making it accessible for all users.

3. Modern Design and Formatting:

  • Provides eye-catching templates suitable for creative industries, maintaining adherence to ATS guidelines for visual appeal.

4. Content Analyzer:

  • Offers a tool to analyze resume content and provide suggestions for improvement, including ideas for formatting and design.

5. Customization Options:

  • Allows users to customize their resumes according to their specific needs, adding or removing sections for more control.


Free Tier:

  • Enables users to create a one-page resume for free, featuring basic functionalities.

Premium Plans:

  • Monthly Premium Plan: $19.99 per month.
  • Three-Month Premium Plan: $39.99.
  • Annual Premium Plan: $99.99.
  • Provides access to premium features, including multiple-page resumes, additional templates, and advanced customization options.

Pros and Cons of Novoresume:

Pros of NovoresumeCons of Novoresume
βœ… ATS-Friendly: Ensures compatibility with ATS for effective job application tracking❌ Limited Features in Free Version: Some advanced features are restricted to premium plans
βœ… User-Friendly Interface: Features a straightforward and intuitive drag-and-drop editor❌ Limited Options for Layout Changes: Provides limited customization options for layout changes
βœ… Modern Design: Offers visually appealing templates suitable for creative industries
βœ… Content Analyzer: Provides insights and suggestions for improving resume content and formatting

3. Kickresume

Best AI Resume Builders : Kickresume website interface

Kickresume is an AI-powered resume builder that utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-4 neural network to streamline and enhance the resume creation process.

Designed to provide users with a sophisticated and efficient experience, Kickresume stands out as a versatile tool catering to individuals ranging from recent graduates to seasoned professionals.

Key Features of Kickresume:

1. GPT-4 Powered Resume Generation:

  • Kickresume leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology to generate a personalized work experience section based on the information provided by users.
  • The AI creates compelling bullet points that highlight users’ skills and core competencies.

2. Credits System for GPT-4 Access:

  • The platform operates on a credits system, allowing users a limited number of uses for the GPT-4-powered AI resume builder.
  • Access to GPT-4 ensures a state-of-the-art AI experience, delivering content that convincingly mimics human writing.

3. Cover Letter Generator:

  • Kickresume goes beyond resume creation by offering a cover letter generator that aligns seamlessly with the AI-generated resumes.
  • This feature ensures a cohesive and professional job application package.

4. Variety of Templates:

  • Users have access to 35+ professionally designed resume templates, enhancing the visual appeal of their resumes.
  • The templates, designed by a team of typographers and recruiters, provide customization options for a personalized touch.

5. AI Resume Checker:

  • Kickresume’s AI Resume Checker compares users’ resumes with others, offering insights to help improve their resume scores.
  • This feature contributes to refining and optimizing resumes for greater effectiveness.


Free Tier:

  • 4 basic resume templates
  • 1,500+ resume examples

Premium Subscription:

  • For users seeking additional benefits, Kickresume offers a Premium subscription.
  • The Premium subscription is priced at $7.00 per month when paid annually or $19.00 per month on a monthly basis.
  • Premium users can create 30+ career documents, including resumes and cover letters, on a monthly basis.

Pros and Cons of Kickresume:

Pros of KickresumeCons of Kickresume
βœ… Access to GPT-4: Users benefit from access to OpenAI’s powerful GPT-4, providing a convincing and human-like AI writing experience❌ Limited GPT-4 Access with Premium: Even with a Premium account, access to GPT-4 is limited by credits, potentially restricting usage for multiple resume drafts
βœ… Free Tier: Kickresume offers a free tier, allowing users to experience the AI resume builder without a significant financial commitment❌ Free Tier Limitations: The free tier has limited template choices, necessitating a subscription for a broader selection and more customization options
βœ… Cover Letter Integration: The platform includes a cover letter generator that complements AI-generated resumes for a comprehensive job application

4. MyPerfectResume

Best AI Resume Builders : myperfectresume

MyPerfectResume is an intuitive resume builder designed to assist users in creating professional resumes. The platform utilizes complex algorithms to provide professionally written content suggestions based on user input. It allows users to start from scratch or upload existing resumes.

The process involves answering basic questions about experience and education, selecting a template, and entering relevant details. MyPerfectResume offers AI-driven features such as content suggestions, resume scanning for mistakes, customizable templates, and a cover letter builder.

Key Features of MyPerfectResume:

1. Content Suggestions:

  • Professionally written content suggestions by career experts to tailor resumes for specific industries.

2. Resume Scanner Tool:

  • Analyzes resumes for common mistakes and provides feedback on how to fix them.

3. Customizable Templates:

  • Wide variety of customizable, ATS-friendly templates created by professional designers.

4. Keyword Suggestions:

  • Data-backed keyword suggestions to optimize resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

5. Spell Check Feature:

  • Built-in spell check feature for proofreading resumes for spelling and grammar errors.

6. Cover Letter Builder:

  • Helps create optimized cover letters to complement resumes.

7. Career Resources:

  • Additional career resources, including an AI interview tool, a career networking platform, and a Chrome extension for resume customization.


Free Trial:

  • Offers a low-cost monthly plan with a 14-day risk-free trial.

Free Templates:

  • Allows users to download basic resume and cover letter templates for free.

Full-Access Plan:

  • Provides access to all resume builder features, including ResumeScore and ResumeCheck tools.

Pros and Cons of MyPerfectResume:

Pros of MyPerfectResumeCons of MyPerfectResume
βœ… Content Suggestions by Experts❌ Limited Template Options
βœ… User Flexibility: Ability to upload an existing resume or start fresh❌ No Photo Support: Templates do not support photos
βœ… Instant Fixes: Instant spelling and grammar fixes❌ Parsing Challenges: Uploaded resumes don’t always parse properly
βœ… Customizable Templates: Templates are customizable

5. Rezi

Best AI Resume Builders : Rezi

Rezi stands out as an AI-powered resume builder leveraging a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) to streamline the resume creation process.

It incorporates advanced features such as the AI Bullet Point Writer, AI Resume Summary Generator, and AI Keyword Targeting, making it a comprehensive tool for crafting optimized resumes.

Key Features of Rezi

1. AI Bullet Point Writer:

  • Eliminates manual outlining by allowing users to type in their role, with Rezi’s AI generating responsibilities and accomplishments associated with the role.
  • Users can regenerate output if needed, providing flexibility similar to ChatGPT.

2. AI Resume Summary Generator:

  • Automatically generates a compelling summary based on the highlights of the resume, aligning with the target position.
  • Provides professional formatting and offers feedback to optimize the resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

3. AI Keyword Targeting:

  • Scans existing resumes to identify keywords relevant to hiring managers and ATS criteria.
  • Optimizes resumes to enhance visibility and increase the likelihood of passing ATS inspections.


Free Tier:

  • Rezi offers a free plan that includes AI Resume Writer, AI Resume Editor, and AI Resume Summary Writer.

Premium Subscription:

  • Pro Plan: Priced at $29 per month, providing access to advanced features like AI Keyword Targeting.
  • Lifetime Plan: A one-time fee of $129, offering lifetime access to all features. Note: The Lifetime plan does not provide unlimited AI credits.

Pros and Cons of Rezi:

Pros of ReziCons of Rezi
βœ… Automated Resume Filling: Rezi automatically fills resumes with vital details, saving time for users❌ Limited Template Designs: The template library may have generic designs, limiting visual customization options
βœ… Keyword Targeting: Targets keywords to enhance resume visibility and effectiveness in ATS❌ Payment Required for Full Features: Access to all features, including AI Keyword Targeting, requires payment
βœ… Professional Templates: Offers a decent selection of professional resume templates❌ No Free Resume Review in Free and Lifetime Plans: Free and lifetime subscriptions do not include a free resume review

6. Enhancv

Enhancv resume builder

Enhancv is a popular AI-powered resume builder that stands out for its modern, customizable designs and data-driven insights. It offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, stylish templates, and AI-driven content analysis to help users create personalized and visually appealing resumes.

The platform allows for real-time feedback and provides tools such as the “Tailoring” feature to customize resumes based on specific job descriptions.

Key Features of Enhancv:

1. AI-Driven Resume Analysis:

  • Utilizes AI to analyze resume content and provides personalized recommendations for improvement based on industry, background, and career objectives.

2. Tailoring Feature:

  • Allows users to paste job descriptions and tailor their resumes to match specific job requirements effectively.

3. Variety of Customizable Templates:

  • Offers a range of customizable resume templates catering to different industries and job roles.

4. Content Analyzer:

  • Provides real-time feedback on resume content, highlighting areas that can be improved for better impact.

5. Interview Preparation Tips:

  • Offers tips and guidance for interview preparation to enhance job-seeking skills.

6. ATS-Friendly Resumes:

  • Ensures that resumes created are optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).


Free Trial:

  • Offers a free week-long trial for users to test the platform and its features.

Premium Plans:

  • Monthly Pro Plan: $24.99 per month.
  • Quarterly Pro Plan: $16.66 per month.
  • Semiannual Pro Plan: $13.32 per month.

Pros and Cons of Enhancv:

Pros of EnhancvCons of Enhancv
βœ… AI-Driven Insights: Provides AI-driven recommendations to enhance resume content and improve impact❌ Pricing: The full access to templates, designs, fonts, and colors may be considered costly compared to other online resume builders
βœ… Interactive Elements: Allows the incorporation of images, videos, and links into resumes, adding a unique touch❌ Not Beginner-Friendly: The platform may be less beginner-friendly compared to some other resume builders
βœ… Template Variety: Offers a diverse selection of polished and modern templates catering to different preferences
βœ… Feedback Option: Enables users to share resumes for expert feedback, enhancing overall resume quality

7. Jasper Resume Generator

Jasper resume generatore

Jasper Resume Generator is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the resume creation process. It leverages artificial intelligence, including GPT-3 and natural language processing, to assist users in crafting visually appealing and effective resumes.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface, modern templates, content suggestions, and real-time previews, making it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses aiming to create standout resumes.

Key Features of Jasper Resume Generator:

1. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface for a seamless resume creation experience.

2. Modern Templates:

  • Offers contemporary and visually appealing resume templates designed to enhance presentation.

3. Content Suggestions and Examples:

  • Provides helpful content suggestions and examples to guide users in showcasing their skills and qualifications effectively.

4. Real-Time Previews:

  • Allows users to preview their resumes in real-time, making it easier to make adjustments and improvements.

5. Multiple Download Formats:

  • Supports the download of resumes in multiple formats, providing flexibility for users.


  • Monthly subscription starting from $39.

Pros and Cons of Jasper Resume Generator :

Pros of Jasper Resume GeneratorCons of Jasper Resume Generator
βœ… Visually Appealing Templates: Offers modern and visually appealing templates for a professional look❌ May Not Offer as Many Features as Some Competitors: Some users may find that Jasper Resume Generator lacks certain features compared to other competitors in the market
βœ… Helpful Content Suggestions: Provides valuable content suggestions to assist users in creating impactful resumes❌ No Free Plans Available: The platform does not offer free plans, and users need to subscribe to access its features
βœ… Real-Time Previews for Adjustments: Allows users to preview changes in real-time, facilitating quick adjustments

8. resume builder interface is a web application powered by AI, aims to streamline and accelerate the creation of professional resumes.

It leverages advanced artificial intelligence to analyze users’ job history, education, and skills, producing a personalized CV that effectively showcases their qualifications.

The platform provides various templates and design choices to assist users in crafting distinctive resumes.

Key Features of

1. AI-Powered Resume Building:

  • Incorporates cutting-edge AI technology to create tailored resumes based on users’ unique skills and qualifications.
  • Analyzes job history, education, and talents to generate relevant and compelling content.

2. Template Variety:

  • Allows users to choose from different alternatives to ensure the description aligns with their preferences.

3. Cover Letter Support:

  • Enables users to craft personalized cover letters, complementing their CVs and enhancing job applications.

4. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Guides users through the resume-building process with built-in support, ensuring a simple and efficient user experience.


Free Tier:

  • Users can begin using the platform for free, gaining access to basic resume-building features.

Paid Plans:

  • $0.99: 7-day full access, offering a trial period to explore premium features.
  • $23.75: 3 months access to premium features.

Pros and Cons of

Pros of Resumaker.aiCons of of
βœ… Template Variety: Offers a diverse selection of design options and templates for creating professional resumes❌ Limited Customization: Does not provide extensive customization options for users seeking highly personalized designs
βœ… Cover Letter Support: Provides tools for crafting personalized cover letters, enhancing overall job applications❌ Free Version Limitations: The platform’s free version may have limited customizing options

9. ResumeGenius

ResumeGenius resume builder

ResumeGenius is an online resume builder that emphasizes creating professional resumes in a short timeframe. Developed by certified resume writers, it features AI-powered software that guides users through a series of questions about experience and education.

Users can start from scratch or upload existing resumes. The platform offers over 500 resume and cover letter templates, download options in different formats, and AI-generated bullet point suggestions for each section.

Key Features of ResumeGenius:

1. Templates:

  • More than 500 resume and cover letter templates tailored to different industries and experience levels.

2. Download Options:

  • Ability to download resumes in .doc, .pdf, or .txt formats, providing flexibility for different needs.

3. Sample Resumes:

  • Inspiration from hundreds of sample resumes, CVs, and cover letters across various jobs and industries.

4. Career Resources:

  • Additional resources, including interview advice and more, to support users in their job search.

5. AI-Generated Content:

  • AI-generated bullet point suggestions for work experience, skills, and career objectives.


14-Day Trial:

  • A $2.95 14-day trial that includes a free .txt file download of the completed resume.

Subscription Plans:

  • Monthly subscription at $7.95 per month or an annual subscription at $95.40, offering unlimited downloads and cover letter templates.

Pros and Cons of ResumeGenius:

Pros of ResumeGeniusCons of ResumeGenius
βœ… Quick resume creation process❌ Limited customization options
βœ… Wide range of templates❌ No free resume builder option
βœ… AI-generated bullet points save time❌ Some templates may be perceived as old-fashioned
βœ… Download options in various formats❌ Template design and ordering limitations
βœ… Additional career resources❌ Subscription-based access to advanced features


The emergence of AI-powered resume builders marks a transformative shift in the landscape of job application processes. These tools offer invaluable assistance to individuals at various stages of their career journeys, from novices navigating their first job search to seasoned professionals aiming to enhance their resumes.

The benefits of AI-driven resume builders include streamlined processes, efficient template suggestions, and content recommendations that align with industry standards.

These tools empower users to create polished, professional resumes with ease, allowing them to present their skills and experiences in a compelling manner.

However, it’s essential to approach AI resume builders with a discerning eye. While these tools excel at optimizing formatting, identifying keywords, and offering valuable content suggestions, they might lack the nuanced understanding and creativity that a human touch can provide.

As job seekers navigate the evolving job market, the collaboration between AI and human expertise becomes increasingly crucial. AI resume builders serve as valuable aids, offering efficiency and structure, but individuals should remain actively engaged in the process.

Customization, careful review of AI-generated content, and the addition of personal touches ensure that the final resume reflects the unique strengths and experiences of the individual.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best AI resume maker?

The choice of the best AI resume maker depends on individual preferences and needs. Some popular options include Zety, Novoresume, Kickresume, and Enhancv.

Are AI resume builders good?

Yes, AI resume builders can be highly beneficial. They utilize advanced algorithms to streamline the resume creation process, providing suggestions, formatting assistance, and optimizing content for better results.

Can AI build my resume?

Absolutely! AI resume builders, such as Zety, Kickresume, and Novoresume, are designed to assist users in creating professional and polished resumes by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Is there a completely free AI resume builder?

Yes, some AI resume builders offer free plans with basic features. Examples include Novoresume and However, advanced features may require a subscription.

Which AI can create CV for free?

Novoresume and are examples of AI platforms that offer free options for creating CVs with basic functionalities.

What is the most professional resume builder?

Determining the most professional resume builder depends on specific needs. Zety, Novoresume, and Enhancv are known for their professional templates and features.

What is the best AI resume builder for LinkedIn?

While many AI resume builders can integrate with LinkedIn, Enhancv is recognized for its features that align with LinkedIn profiles and job requirements.

Can Jasper AI write a resume?

Yes, Jasper AI, through the Jasper Resume Generator, assists in creating visually appealing resumes. Users can input details, and Jasper AI generates content with real-time previews for adjustments.